Back Blogging…


I’m now back blogging again about my favourite hobby and interests, the world of board games and miniatures. It’s been awhile since I’ve even looked at the site and had time to talk about something interesting, I’m hoping what is scheduled in the next few weeks from Soda Pop Miniatures is going to have me posting every week if not every couple of days. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about It involves Super Dungeon Explore, Kickstarter, New Miniatures and a whole load of money from adoring fans. The next step in the world of Super Dungeon Explore is ‘The Forgotten King’, and what I’ve seen so far it looks epic. As a side note, I have been playing Zombicide with the great Season 2 products that came out of the Kickstarter, and following any additional information about Season 3. The only pictures and info so far have been a couple of interesting zombies with a sailor outfit and one wearing a construction hat and high-vis. There has also been some artwork for ‘Audrey’ (Big Bang Theory) and Elvis (Zombie) which could be some early designs for Season 3?…

…I feel like I rambled on a little towards the end but the main message is I’m back blogging. :)

Hope you enjoy the blog,


Happy reading!

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