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Convergence of Cyriss – Warmachine Faction

WM_Battlebox 3D_Convergence 36002_Cipher_WEB 36002_Inverter_WEB 36002_Monitor_WEB Convergence of Cyriss Cover_lores

The information for Convergence is slowly being released into the big wide world with a few snapshots of what we can expect from this new faction in Warmachine. To start, Privateer Press have shown off a few of the Warjacks and the first Warcaster, in the Battlegroup (pictured above). The models are looking very cool and It could very well be my first army for Warmachine!?…Let’s wait and see on release.


Happy reading!

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Trollbloods Battlegroup

Finally found some time to complete my Battlegroup and I’m very impressed with the models. I’ve still got to fill some gaps and add some customised parts with greenstuff but It shouldn’t be to long before I’ve done that. Next step…learn to paint again!?

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Just getting round to building my Trollbloods Battlegroup and started with my Thornwood Chieftain.

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Hordes Two Player Battle Box

Privateer Press have done it again, just a great looking starter set to get people involved in Hordes.

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Quick Update

Just a quick update, I have been abit side tracked in the last week due to a certain game, *cough* Diablo 3 *cough*. I do hope to have some pictures posted up of my newly formed BattleGroup, and possibly some step by step painting as I go.

Also I am currently waiting for the next edition of No Quarter to arrive in the post to read all about the new ‘Colossals’ and see what else is happening in the Iron Kingdoms.

Just recently I’ve been branching out in my hobby world and came across a few other games which seem to be quite interesting. MERCS at www.mercsminis.com looks to be a very interesting game with some very nice looking miniatures. Another game is Relics by TOR Gaming, which has some very interesting looking miniatures and some good fluff behind it all. TOR Gaming currently have an Indiegogo campaign to Pre-order there next range of models to get people involved in the world of Relics.

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Trollbloods BattleGroup

The models do look fantastic, I should hopefully have some pictures up soon showing some of the detail and have them based and ready to paint.

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Trollbloods BattleGroup

The Trollbloods BattleGroup Is a great start for an army and includes some very strong models to help you learn the rules of the game. The new plastic kit has new sculpts for the Impaler and Axer models and also a plastic version of the Madrak Ironhide (Alternate) model. The models do look pretty impressive and should help me with learning the ropes and setting me on my journey to building and painting my Trollbloods army.

One reason why I chose this box set over the original was due to the look of the models. I wanted them to look a bit more ‘armoured up’, to have more sense that they wanted to protect themselves as they travelled through the dungeon, which is where I have set them. If you have seen my previous post of my Dire Troll Mauler, I have switched out the original head for the Bomber head to give the Troll an armoured look. The box set is also completely plastic which allows me to make easier modifications if I wish to.

I currently have this box set on order and am eagerly awaiting It’s arrival through the post.

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