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Convergence of Cyriss – Warmachine Faction

WM_Battlebox 3D_Convergence 36002_Cipher_WEB 36002_Inverter_WEB 36002_Monitor_WEB Convergence of Cyriss Cover_lores

The information for Convergence is slowly being released into the big wide world with a few snapshots of what we can expect from this new faction in Warmachine. To start, Privateer Press have shown off a few of the Warjacks and the first Warcaster, in the Battlegroup (pictured above). The models are looking very cool and It could very well be my first army for Warmachine!?…Let’s wait and see on release.


Happy reading!

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*New* Warmachine Faction


Privateer Press have been working hard In preparation for the launch of a new faction in Warmachine. The faction are called Convergence of Cyriss, and they are looking pretty darn cool. The idea behind the faction is all about machines, clockwork movement and synergy. The Convergence are all about human controllers/casters utilising machines and metal to improve and progress. The faction was announced at the Privateer Press 2013 Keynote, with some other big announcements for the year ahead. Privateer Press hinted at a possible addition to the Rhul faction with a possible Colossal, we could also be seeing some new Hordes coming in the future.


Happy reading!

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Woldwrath Gargantuan

Woldwraths stand as towering monuments to the woldcrafter art, meant to tap into and unbind the ultimate fury of Orboros. Brought to life amid strenuous, blood-fueled rituals conducted atop powerful conjunctions of ley lines, woldwraths channel the vast energies that flow within the earth. Their tempestuous assaults are prefaced by voltaic flickers that play along darkening clouds above and the pulsing runes inscribed across their stone forms.

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Colossal Models

I’m very impressed with the ‘Colossal’ size of the models from Privateer Press.

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A few new models from Privateer Press. I must admit I’m loving that Storm Troll…I just wonder how I can include it in my army!?

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Trollbloods Battlegroup

Finally found some time to complete my Battlegroup and I’m very impressed with the models. I’ve still got to fill some gaps and add some customised parts with greenstuff but It shouldn’t be to long before I’ve done that. Next step…learn to paint again!?

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Just getting round to building my Trollbloods Battlegroup and started with my Thornwood Chieftain.

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Hordes Two Player Battle Box

Privateer Press have done it again, just a great looking starter set to get people involved in Hordes.

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