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Forgotten King


Here it is, Forgotten King the next big step for Super Dungeon Explore. The Kickstarter (Soon to be launched this March) is reinventing Super Dungeon Explore with new rules, tiles, monsters, heroes and lots of ‘Super’ things. The new edition of SDE will include;

– Fully assembled models in the box.

– New dungeon tiles.

– No Adventure Tracker.

– New unit types; Pets, Creeps, Traps.

– Something called ‘Princess Coins’, which keep heroes battling longer.

– Spawn more mini-bosses.

– New game modes including PVP Arena and Campaign play.

To me that all sounds fantastic and I can’t wait until the Kickstarter begins.

Happy reading!

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Back Blogging…


I’m now back blogging again about my favourite hobby and interests, the world of board games and miniatures. It’s been awhile since I’ve even looked at the site and had time to talk about something interesting, I’m hoping what is scheduled in the next few weeks from Soda Pop Miniatures is going to have me posting every week if not every couple of days. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about It involves Super Dungeon Explore, Kickstarter, New Miniatures and a whole load of money from adoring fans. The next step in the world of Super Dungeon Explore is ‘The Forgotten King’, and what I’ve seen so far it looks epic. As a side note, I have been playing Zombicide with the great Season 2 products that came out of the Kickstarter, and following any additional information about Season 3. The only pictures and info so far have been a couple of interesting zombies with a sailor outfit and one wearing a construction hat and high-vis. There has also been some artwork for ‘Audrey’ (Big Bang Theory) and Elvis (Zombie) which could be some early designs for Season 3?…

…I feel like I rambled on a little towards the end but the main message is I’m back blogging. :)

Hope you enjoy the blog,


Happy reading!

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Super Dungeon Explore Miniatures!


The Relic Knights Kickstarter may well have been delayed by 6 months but the WIP sculpts for SDE are still coming along nicely.


Happy reading!

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Super Dungeon Explore *Update*


Some more teaser art showing the next expansion for Super Dungeon Explore.


Happy reading!

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Soda Pop Miniatures


An interesting image posted by SPM on their facebook page showing some very nice Relic Knights artwork aswell as the next expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, Baron Von Drakk Manor.

Happy reading!

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Relic Knights *Update*

image-215128-full image-215129-full image-215130-full image-215131-full

Some new images have appeared on the Relic Knights Kickstarter page detailing the new card layouts and character pages. They have also shown an early glimpse into the comic book series.


Happy reading!

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Relic Knights – 3D Renders

candy_rush_02_by_hecm-d5shh8a-1 861266_567951966549614_1255362966_o candy_rush_mini_by_hecm-d5shf89 the_void_reaper_mini_by_hecm-d5t6r6x void_reapers_02_by_hecm-d5t6slj

Can’t believe I’ve only just found these 3D renders, but they are looking pretty epic. Sadly I opted out of the Void Reaper during the Kickstarter, kinda gutted about it now after seeing these, however the excitement is definitely growing.


Happy reading!

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Relic Knights *New Models*

image-204295-full image-206805-full

Just a few new 3D renderings for Shattered Sword, looking particularly good, especially the Paragon model. I’m super excited for the release of Relic Kinghts and can’t wait to get my hands on my Cerci and Noh models.

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Kingdom Death x Soda Pop


The recent Kickstarter for Kingdom Death – Monster has thrown up some very interesting miniatures and artwork, the latest being the collaboration with Soda Pop Miniatures and the iconic Candy and Cola characters. The model does look impressive and adds to both worlds, my understanding is that it can be used for both KDM and Relic Knights. As you well know I’m super excited for Relic Knights and I am a backer of the amazing Kickstarter, sadly I will not be backing the Kingdom Death Kickstarter as my funds will not allow such an investment at this time but I do wish it great success. (As I type the Kickstarter is currently sat at 1.26 Million, and climbing…so I don’t think it’s gonna struggle)

Happy reading!

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More Relic Knights…

image-192192-full image-192619-full image-192953-full

Just a quick update regarding Relic Knights. The Christmas season is upon us, and to coincide with the Relic Knights Kickstarter, SPM has decided to do the 12 days of christmas song with the release of a few miniatures. Hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

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Relic Knights News



Just a small update to the Relic Knights Kickstarter. The recent announcement of some new sculpts for the Penny Arcade tie-ins.

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Relic Knights Kickstarter!

The recent update on the Relic Knights Kickstarter was the new plastic kit for Calico Kate. The model is looking fantastic and is beginning to show how impressive the world of RK is going to be, it’s just a shame that I’m gonna be collecting Cerci Speed Circuit and Noh Empire models. I am tempted however by the Star Nebula Corsairs and you never know, when the Cool Mini Kickstarter Manager comes out, I could just up my investment into these fantastic models.

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Soda Pop ‘Art’

Just a few more ‘Soda Pop Miniatures’ inspired artwork. Hope you like it!?

EDIT* The colours look abit off in the smaller pictures on the original post for some reason, if you click on them you can see the intended colour choice, enjoy! :)

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SDE – Glauerdoom Moor Expansion

Just found these excellent pictures over at Board Game Geek and Diceworld.ru, can’t wait!

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Candy and Cola – Soda Pop Miniatures

Here is an image of the plush Candy and Cola that has been announced through the Relic Knights Kickstarter. I messed around with the hand drawn image provided by Soda Pop Miniatures and thought i’d make it into a vector illustration. Hope you like it!?

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Super Dungeon Explore

If your interested in learning more about Super Dungeon Explore, or how it plays, have a look at the Gameplay series by Watch It Played! over on Youtube. The series is brilliant to watch and shows off all the game mechanics aswell as all the lovely looking miniatures.

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