New SDE PVP Arena Tile…

New SDE PVP Arena Tile...


Gargantuans Logo

Gargantuans Logo

A nice little surprise on the back of No Quarter Issue No. 42.

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Trollbloods BattleGroup

The Trollbloods BattleGroup Is a great start for an army and includes some very strong models to help you learn the rules of the game. The new plastic kit has new sculpts for the Impaler and Axer models and also a plastic version of the Madrak Ironhide (Alternate) model. The models do look pretty impressive and should help me with learning the ropes and setting me on my journey to building and painting my Trollbloods army.

One reason why I chose this box set over the original was due to the look of the models. I wanted them to look a bit more ‘armoured up’, to have more sense that they wanted to protect themselves as they travelled through the dungeon, which is where I have set them. If you have seen my previous post of my Dire Troll Mauler, I have switched out the original head for the Bomber head to give the Troll an armoured look. The box set is also completely plastic which allows me to make easier modifications if I wish to.

I currently have this box set on order and am eagerly awaiting It’s arrival through the post.

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Mountain King

TrollBloods Gargantuan

The summer release for this year is the ‘Colossals’ and ‘Gargantuans’ for Warmachine and Hordes. The one I’ve got my eye on would have to be the ‘Mountain King’ for the Trollbloods, the model just looks so epic and will definitely catch everybody’s eye on the battle field.

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Battlefield Objective Markers

I picked up the ‘Battlefield Accessory’ box to add some style to my Warmachine and Hordes games when I complete my forces.

The Resin pieces are excellent quality and I think will look brilliant on the table-top. I’ve decided to customise them a little to match my Trollbloods Dungeon bases.

I’ll post more images when I finish modelling and painting them.

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Resin Bases

I’ve looked high and low through the wilderness of the World Wide Web and found some very nice resin bases for my Trollbloods army.
The bases are two different sets from Tiny Worlds and Fantascape, both depicting a Dungeon which my Trolls can wonder around in.

I’ve customised a few of the bases so they all look roughly the same. They are going to be for the BattleGroup box which will include 2x Troll Impaler, 1x Troll Axer and Madrak Ironhide (Warlock).

I’m very impressed with the resin bases and think they’ll add alot of character to the models.


Trollbloods Dire Troll Mauler

The beginning of my Trollbloods Army. I’m currently waiting for the new plastic BattleGroup box to be released but to start It off I’ve put together my Dire Troll Mauler. The head and clenched fist are from the Bomber and Blitzer model but I thought It added alot more character.

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